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The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care -

Who coordinates the coordinators?

More specifically, who coordinates the proliferating number of health care helpers variously known as case managers, care managers, care coordinators, patient navigators or facilitators, health coaches or even — here’s a new one — “pathfinders”?
Paula Span; The law of unintended consequences seems at work here
Now, the Affordable Care Act and other attempts to make health care more effective and efficient (and less expensive) have created incentives and penalties that should, in theory, encourage one hand to know what the other is doing.
“It’s not so much that there are too many cooks in the kitchen, it’s that the cooks are not always communicating,” Mr. Baker said. “We need to set up more rigorous protocols or structures, so we don’t have this who’s-on-first problem.” Perhaps, he suggested, a “dominant care manager” should guide the team.

For Family Caregivers A Family Caregiver’s Guide to Care Coordination
{q}As a family caregiver, care coordination is something that you probably do often. This guide can help you to understand care coordination, the differences between care coordination by a family member and a professional care coordinator, and how to work together with professional care coordinators.
The guide also gives questions to ask a professional care coordinator, and tips on keeping your own care coordination organized - especially after the professional care coordinator's services end.{eq}
Professional Care Coordinators
Family Caregivers and Care Coordinators
Questions to Ask a Professional Care Coordinator
Tips for Staying Organized