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Clients With Overactive Bladder Can Reduce Risk of Falls

Joyce Apperson is a Registered Nurse and Geriatric Care Manager with 15 plus years of experience working with advocating for seniors. She is the founder and President of Caring Connection, Inc.

Quoting Joyce:
In addition to medication, doctors recommend several behavioral interventions to help seniors manage not only their overactive bladder symptoms, but also their risk of falling. These include:

    Fluid Intake Schedule–When fluid is consumed on a regular schedule, bathroom breaks can be planned into the day with some certainty.
    Double Voiding–Trying to void a second time after the bladder has been emptied can help prevent the immediate need to revisit the facilities.
    Schedule Bathroom Breaks–Seniors should go to the bathroom on a schedule rather than waiting until they feel the urge.
    Wear Absorbent Pads–Absorbent undergarments can help prevent the embarrassment of having an accident, especially in public places. It can also reduce any fears that may be associated with soiling clothes or furniture.